"Our" Cats

They weren't really "our" cats but these were the ones we could remember. If we'd been really organised, we would have kept a proper record of this sort of thing for Jenny. But it was our first time, so we didn't!

Actually, there wasn't a great deal of bureaucracy and form-filling. Everyone was concentrating on the job in hand - trapping, transporting and returning cats for us peasants, neutering and treating the cats for the vets and nurse and coping with everything else for the organiser and the local residents and helpers.

But we thought it would be interesting for you to see some of the details.

A few of these we managed to catch on our own. For many of them, we hid behind experienced people: Marshall, Keith, Ted, Linda, Mary and so on. We watched, learned and occasionally helped. Thanks for your patience. And while this was going on, the other teams were coping with even more cats in these and other locations across the island.

Jandia - Stella Canaris
big black tom - got - our first one!
black mother - missed - by the bins at the back of the staff quarters
4 kittens (2 black) - got but too young
tabby / white - missed - up by the bins behind Palmeral
black - got - up by the bins behind Palmeral
tabby? - got - car park by fountain
tabby? - got - car park by fountain

Many of us tried to trap the mother - even using the kittens as bait but no luck. Sometimes the back of that hotel was busier than Piccadilly circus. There were supposed to be other cats that congregated by the beach tunnel but we didn't see them. The tabby / white escaped from one trap.

Costa Calma - Monica Beach Hotel
10 in a colony - got with Ted
at least one young ginger we couldn't get - and another 2 - missed

Costa Calma - Crystal Hotel
big black tom - got

Ros & Mirjam noticed more cats - around 6 - in this area when they released the black one

Caleta de Fuste - Daniel
his cat and another one - got

Caleta de Fuste - Cat Café
tabby - got
black - had facial abcess- got

Caleta de Fuste - The Manchester
6 cats - got

several of these (tortie / white, tortie and?) were caged by the people from The Manchester. The tortie / white had adhesions and was kept in for some days. The Tortie had "a funny eye" and was called Twinkle. One of the ones we trapped was a black adolescent with white underbelly patch and a small white chest patch - lost by a Spanish guy. He found it after we released it and took it home again.

Caleta de Fuste - Secret Garden
tortie / white (girl?) - got

Caleta de Fuste - ? Keith knows
ginger male, big nose cancer - taken in by Frank & Sandra, Dutch couple

Caleta de Fuste - Chaplins (Mo)
ginger adult Frank - got
ginger kitten - cat comment
kitten (black or black/white) - litter mate of the ginger one

both kittens too young to do - next time

Caleta de Fuste - ? Keith knows
big black male - got
another cat - got
long hair black kitten with smoke ruff - got? (maybe)

Caleta de Fuste - Lord Nelson
black / white young adult - got

Corralejo - Oliva Beach Hotel
older ginger hanging round - already done
grey tabby / white male - not seen
grey tabby / white male - not seen
black female - not seen

We were called here with the name Mabel Falkplatz. The receptionist denied all knowledge and after a lengthy phone call with the manager, he said the manager didn't know anything about our visit either. So we smiled and left!

Corralejo - Tres Islas Hotel
9 month black - missed
older black - missed - possibly mother

These two were very wary and hard to catch. Could eventually get close enough to make a couple of abortive grabs but no luck. The major problem is the rest of the cats most of which (all?) have already been done. They really get in the way so either a manual trap or visit with enough people / traps to keep the others occupied (or locked up!) while you get the desired two.

Corralejo - Playa Park
black - not seen
black / white - not seen
black kitten - with bad eye - removed - now at Elly's

Was given the reference Appt 214 (left of the pool). Found the kitten thereabouts but the guests in 214 weren't the ones who reported the cats.

Corralejo - Cat Café behind Restaurant Diana
loads - all already done

Between the access roads for Tres Islas and Oliva Beach. The bloke came out and chatted to us - all the cats then on site had been done.

Corralejo - Hanks Restaurant
"quite a few cats here" - we were told - not seen

We couldn't find this place - oops.

Corralejo Harbour - Café Latino
big tabby male - not seen
a few young ones - seen in the storage "shack" - already done

Corralejo - English Bar
some cats - not seen

We couldn't find this place - oops.

Corralejo - La Concha
cream male - missed
tortie kitten in tree - missed

The cream male is quite friendly but very wary. Couldn't quite get close enough for an effective grab. There are a few already-done cats at the same place who get in the way when you try to get the food out. Could well be trapped easily as long as the others are kept out of the way. We also noticed a kitten up one of the trees which climb up the building (sort of wisteria but not quite). Very skittish and used the tree to escape up to the roof. Same road as Dunas Caletas but further away from the High St.

Corralejo - Dunas Caletas
big black / white male - got
black / white female - got
black / white adolescent - got
black / white adolescent - got
tabby - couldn't catch
tabby older kitten - saw once, then disappeared

The lady in reception (Sally?) said that the 4 black / whites we got were father, mother and two kittens. The tabby we couldn't catch lived around the same place - under E block where the some aircon units are set into the ground. Nice cat but wary. The kitten we saw a few metres away wandering around A block - took food and came close but by the time I got the trap, he'd gone. Maintenance man Santanas knew where the cats were.As we walked through reception, a tour guide was briefing guests about the volcano walk they were about to do. He recognised the TTAA T-shirts and said he knew of more cats - he would call later after the walk. If he wasn't able to by the time we left, he might be worth a contact on the next visit.

Puerto del Rosario - Electric Shop
Ginger male - got

Puerto del Rosario - Open area behind Electric Shop
black / white male - got
black / white - got - bad eye, removed
black / white - got
black / white - got
tabby - got

The ginger male had been adopted by the lady in the shop. The black / whites and the tabby were feral and only came out at night to be fed by Mariesol. She says we got all the cats she feeds on this site. She knows of at least another 20 being fed by her neighbour. Probably worth a call on the next visit.
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