Some of the pics I will get round to filing properly one day

(Yeah - right)

Our Basil

Basil on bed looking neat

A rescue kitten who used to hiss and hide behind his water bowl in the foster home. Who else would have him? When we got him home, he spent three days hiding in the sofa.

Now he is getting braver (3 years on...). He talks to four people in the world. The two of us, Aunty Nicci and Uncle Rory. Other than that, he dribbles on my keyboard (yuk) and hides in his cupboard when the doorbell goes.


Crumble looking determined and a little crumbly

Crumble at Hobbiton is an astonishingly battered, scarred and beaten up old mog. Apparently he just turned up one day at Hobbiton and announced "that's it, I'm getting too old for all this fighting and tom-cattery nonsense, I'm staying here."

I only met him on this occasion but what a nice old warrior he was - all he wants is a kind word and a stroke and he's happy.

Quelazure Amontillado

aka Our Tilly. Here she is perched on the cooker hood compaining that it isn't quite warm enough yet and didn't we mean to turn the oven up to Gas Mark 12?

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