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Specific to our feline friends in Fuerteventura and elsewhere
The full story and official site of Twinkle Trust Animal Aid. Visit now - you can support them by becoming a "Friend of Twinkle", sending money, buying merchandise or even volunteering your services.
OKAPI are the local Fuerteventura-based charity for all animals and plants on the Island. Can't find the website yet but it was our encounter with Iris Overbeck of Okapi at the November 2001 fund-rasing flea-market in Lajares which got us started on this whole thing.

OKAPI publish AMIGOS Magazine twice a year. It covers all animal charity work on Fuerteventura. Send them a donation and they'll send you a copy!

Saskia Stuven tel 639 662 774
Iris Overbeck (Editor, AMIGOS Magazine) Apartado 65, 35660 Corralejo
Hobbiton Cat Refuge
Nicola & Werner Arenz tel 609 555 077
(Nicola also helps edit and do the layout of AMIGOS Magazine)
(Sort of) the German equivalent of TTAA. Tierhilfe started doing something about the Fuerteventuran dog problem and now also organises several trips each year for cat neuter/release.
KittyCat Rescue
Our neighbours, Harry and Nancy were fostering for this local charity - which is where we got Basil from. Ros helped them with fundraising and newsletter publishing. Sadly KittyCat Rescue is no more despite all the hard work of the estimable Renee and the rest of the committee. But everyone still supports animal charities such as CHAT and Cats Protection and Twinkle Trust.
The Kismet Account
Featuring Kismet's story. Maintained in memory of Patricia Dymock - a pioneer of this sort of thing. Memorable slogan of "We came... We saw... We neutered!".
Celia Hammond Animal Trust
Does a lot of work on neutering and rehoming in London and the South Coast. My old man is now in retirement in Bexhill and can no longer keep a cat of his own. So we sponsored Crumple Ear (half way down the page) - a member of C.H.A.T.'s car park gang at their refuge in East Sussex - for him for Xmas. Partially because our Basil looks related and partially because of Crumble at Hobbiton.
Cats Protection
A national charity with branches everywhere. Go on - buy a t-shirt or something.

General Cat Links we stumbled across

(usually while looking for something else)

The Litter Tray Racing Team
For the sportier cats amongst us - especially if they like the whiff of Castrol R.
Siamese Cat Club Welfare Trust
Yes, even pedigree breeds need help. Thankfully we don't think we know any one who would mistreat any cat let alone a Siamese. (We do, however, know a Siamese who is quite happy to mistreat us if we are between her and her duvet!)
The Feline Advisory Bureau
Looking after the interests of cats
An ailurophile's sites with a lot of info and loads of links.
Dmoz Directory Listing for Rescues and Shelters for Cats
If you wanted to search for more sites and resources about rescuing cats, you could do worse than start here.

Fuerteventura Links

Sunseeker Holidays
The site Ros found while researching our 2001 holiday. The non-packaged Fuerteventura off the beaten tourist track. They were so good, Ros booked with them!
Maravilla Apartments
Where we stayed - a little basic but right on the beach. Quiet, relaxing and within easy distance of two nice bars. And El Cotillo just up the road (10 mins walk max). Relaxing? I should say so.... Quite blissful.
Restaurante Azzurro
And other stuff. This is one of the nice bars. Great place for some tapas and beer and sunsets. If you want to check your e-mails and surf, they can do that too. But the seafood is much nicer.
Couldn't tell you a thing about this site except we just stumbled across it. There's loads of stuff which we would have found useful if we'd seen it before our first visit!

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