Photo Gallery

Thanks to my early Xmas present - a new digital camera (thanks, love) - we took loads of pictures. Some of which have been sorted into the following galleries.

The People

Waiting at the airport, performing kitchen-sink surgery or just having a cuppa, what a nice bunch of cat-lovers.


Both Surgical and Logistical. In other words, what the vets did in their various surgeries as well as what the rest of us did to get the cats to the vets.

Some Cats

Just a small fraction of the cats. In the waiting room, on a wall, after surgery, back in their territory and in our room! And for some, nothing could be done…


Rest assured, if something could be done, it was. And for any cat who needed a bit of post-op care or couldn't go back to their territory straight away, there is always Hobbiton - the sanctuary run by Nicola and Werner (when they're not working at their real jobs, that is). Elly van der Hout also takes what she can but her pics are dotted throughout the other sections.

Off Duty

Even though most days the alarm clock went off before dawn and we didn't hit the sack until the next day, there were still the occasional opportunities to chill out with a beer or two. In the case of certain of the vets (no name, no pack drill), a beer keg or two. And on the last night, someone was heard to say "I'll just stay for one more" which lasted for three hours…..


You know how there's never time to get everything perfect and sometimes you just have to open the miscellaneous drawer and shovel stuff in? Well, me too - here it is. Just a few cats to begin with but....

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