Saturday 14th December 2002

Scrub the cages, scrub the garage, scrub the traps. Hoover Jenny's car (twice). Put it through the car wash.

In between all of this, we take back the ginger cat to the electrical shop in Puerto del Rosario.

We were going to release the small group from the waste ground but it was too bright and bustling. After checking with the vets, the advice was to let them go at night when everything had quietened down. Marshall was staying on for a few days so these were added to his list for later that day after we had gone to the airport.

So that's it. No more to do - at least on this visit.

We take the opportunity to have lunch down at the harbour at Caleta de Fuste. Very nice too - in the company of a grey tabby and white who thinks our lunch is very tasty.

The plans for who is getting to the airport from where and in which car change more than once throughout the day!

The upshot is that Jemma and us are ferried by Helen (thanks, Helen) and get to the check-in relatively early with only a small queue which didn't take long.

After check-in, we retire to the bar and share last refreshments with Helen.

Then we must go through to departures. We stake out a table in the burger area because Mike thinks it has mains power so he can work on the laptop. Nope. But we stay there anyway as it is next to the departure gate. Yvonne arrives as do Chris and Luke. Jenny is, apparently, on her usual strategy of turning up so late that there are no queues left and her bags are last on the plane (hence first off at the other end).

After one last beer and a round of farewells, it's time to board and head back for the workaday life back in cold and damp Blighty.

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