Friday 13th December 2002

The weather is appalling. So appalling, in fact that the only place we could find for breakfast was the airport. Power was out everywhere else. It is, after all, Friday the 13th!

Jenny cancelled trapping and releasing for that morning due to the weather and also supplies are running out - cat litter, cat food, medical supplies. We manage to find some of these at a supermarket in Puerto del Rosario. Later on, Jenny has to go and see Xavier (helpful local vet) to get more drugs and stuff.

We get to see the young black cat we trapped at Playa Park in Corralejo recovering from having his damaged eye removed. Elly has offered to take him in as he needed time to recuperate. We're told that one of the big black and whites we caught at Puerto del Rosario also need one of his eyes removed.

Then back to Elly's to see what needs doing. We are able to take the four we caught yesterday back to Dunas Caletas. We meet Sally on reception who tells us that the tom got missed last time which let him start another litter with the mother - the same litter and mother which we'd just caught / released. So that's one more irresponsible father dealt with!

Happily, that leaves us time to meet up with Iris Overbeck for a small beer in the Banana Bar in Corralejo. It's good to see her again and blame her for getting us involved in this!

On our return to Elly's we find a couple of traps and are asked to get the last two from the waste ground at Puerto del Rosario. We get back to site to discover that the piles of pallets behind which we hid the previous night had now disappeared. So we use the manual trap and run the string first back round the corner (difficult to pull properly) and then behind the parked car. Mike had the string and Ros had the sightlines - within minutes, this dual strategy worked and we'd bagged one of them.

The automatic trap went "clunk" soon thereafter and that was it. Mariesol said we had no more to trap on that site so we said our goodbyes and returned to Elly's.

Where we found that was it. No more trapping. Game Over (apart from tomorrow's releases). Phew.

Jenny booked a table for the team so we all went out for a late dinner.

First and Last Dinner

After all the hard work, it seems a shame that the first time we all get together for dinner is the last night. And even so, there are a couple of the team still out there doing the good work.

Spot of Italian then off to the music bar. We're knackered so after a couple of highly welcome beers, we toddle off to our apartment. As usual, the vets are on a roll (we think at least one of them has a pact with the devil) so apparently celebrations continue for some time.

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