Wednesday 11th December 2002

We start the day with Keith at some of the apartment complexes just up the hill. We note a couple of cats for future attention when we have a trap.

We get a couple and Mike takes them back to Elly's leaving Ros and Keith to carry on - for example, collecting from Daniel. On his return, there's a sad collection of a ginger and white from a holidaying Dutch couple, Sandra and Frank. This poor old tom was very friendly and sweet natured so they had taken him in in the hope that something could be done about the cancer on his nose. Some of the cats which had initial patches of skin cancer on their ears could be treated by removing the ears. But, sadly, not this chap.

Mike takes him back to Elly's while Ros and Keith carry on at the complexes. There's time for a cuppa while Jenny works on Plan B.

Returning to Elly's in the evening, we first take a bunch of the Manchester ones back and release a young tabby by the Cat Café.

The Cat Café was installed some years ago by Twinkle Trust so holidaymakers could feed cats without annoying hotel owners. This year, Keith had made a new one to replace the one which had been vandalised.

We run into the Spanish guy who had lost his cat yesterday. He's holding one of the cats we just released and smiling broadly - it's his. None of us can work out why he didn't spot it yesterday but no matter. Cat and Owner re-united - top job (and he got a free neutering out of it!).

Our sense of time is, by now, suffering from the joint effects of not enough sleep and not keeping a diary, so it may or may not have been tonight that we took the little black and white back to the Lord Nelson.

Mid-evening sees us being sent to Corralejo to cover a list of cats already identified. We start at the Oliva Beach where the receptionist and manager deny all knowledge of the call so we move on to the Tres Islas.

Very friendly reception from the staff and we are pointed at the swimming pool and surround. There are indeed loads of cats - most of who had already been done. Some quite recently: we find out later that Tierhilfe had done the area about a month or so previously.

But there were a couple of black ones who prove impossible to catch. Mike's previously 100% successful scruff-grab technique inexplicably deserts him and all the other cats delight in getting in the way, eating the food, heading for the traps and so on. After a frustrating hour or so, we quit; deciding to come back in the early morning when they're hungry and try to trap again.

We head off to Playa Park and get lost. A lot! Eventually we find the place and check out the swimming pool area. There's a large blue cat who seems to own the place and has already been done. Ros spots a small adolescent with a bad eye who is being given a hard time by the blue. A few biscuits later, Mike's grab reappears and we chalk up one capture at the end of a frustrating night. For us, it's an important capture as the poor little thing needed medical attention for the eye.

We console ourselves with a couple of cold ones at the Blues Bar at our complex at 11.30pm

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