Tuesday 10th December 2002

A busy and confusing day today as we have to move from Jandia to Hobbiton. Home to Nicola & Werner and anywhere between 120 and 150 cats depending on how busy they are. They've got real jobs as well and have to look after their residents, arrange rehoming and veterinary care, raise money and loads of other stuff in their "spare" time.

When Twinkle Trust visit the island, there's usually a day of surgery at Hobbiton to cope with the batch of cats collected by Nicola and Werner. So the autoclaves (bloody heavy), surgical kits and all the other equipment gets moved from Jandia and set up in their kitchen.

Ros goes off with Ted and Marshall to Jandia to do some releases and tidying up. Mike gets a lie in and takes a car load of vets, nurse and a hangover to Hobbiton.

After making the acquaintance of Nicola & Werner, their house cats and some of their sanctuary residents, Mike heads down to Jandia to help with more shifting. Ros is already out and about with Mirjam with releases at Monica Beach and Crystal so Mike takes Ted and another releasee to the Monica Beach. Already some of the cats released earlier by Ros and Mirjam were either lounging or - in the case of the two younger black and whites, pratting around merrily. Cute.

We then pick up a bunch of stuff which Ted wanted to deliver to Hobbiton.

Then back to the apartments and a short break involving tapas.

The evening shift starts with Keith, Linda and the others around the commercial centre where the Manchester is. Elizabeth has already caught a couple of the friendlier ones. We trap a few more and then Keith navigates Mike to Los Estancos and Elly van der Hout's house.

Elly has volunteered her place as a base for Twinkle Trust. The garage is being converted to pre-op / recovery room. The next room is set aside for isolation / aftercare as required and another building has been prepared as a surgery. And she looks after a dozen or more cats as well.

Deliver the first batch and then it's back to the Manchester at Caleta de Fuste to pick up some more. We meet a Spanish guy looking for his lost cat - he has to check each cat we trap just in case it's his. No luck - at least that's what we thought. Ros and Linda have trapped a small tortie/white just up the road at the Secret Garden. And we trap a couple more of the Manchester group.

Plus at some stage, we were sent to the Lord Nelson pool bar to pick up a small black and white who had adopted the place just a week ago.

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