How To Become A Mad Cat Woman

Full of the Love of Your Fellow Animal, Pick Up a Feral Kitty (or two) and Reach for the Elastoplast

Hallo one and all. This website was created to tell the story of how two innocents got turned into a pair of Mad Cat Women. Thanks to Iris, Jenny and Twinkle Trust Animal Aid.

Who are we? We are Mike and Ros. One of us used to feed wild cats when she was growing up in Wales and the other one has just about always had cats. It sort of grew from there. And now we're experienced at skulking around building sites at midnight in Fuerteventura.

As a couple of newbies to this animal charity work thing, we'd just like to say it's well worth it. Dropping the odd copper in charity boxes and even joining the RSPCA, CPL or whatever are good ways to support the animal of your choice. Several are here.

The secret is getting involved is even better. Have a go with your local cat rescue, meet your branch of the Cats Protection or volunteer for a week of sleep-deprivation in the sun. It's a gas. And the best thing about it is that you know you've made a difference to the cats you meet.

But whatever you do, keep the Elastoplast handy!


Jenny tells us that she is now looking for a few homes to foster some of the rescue cats which have arrived from Fuerteventura. If you think you might be able to help, get in touch with Twinkle Trust Animal Aid (TTAA) via their website.

Site Update List

6th Feb 2016 - Still here
Although we've not been back to Fuerteventura since, we've carried on supporting Twinkle Trust Animal Aid (TTAA) who are still doing sterling work. So if you stumble across this, why not visit their website and catch up.

22nd May 2005 - Complete redesign, new domain
As I said: "A website is never finished!" It's taken me over 2 years to redesign the site (excuse being practise with Dreamweaver) and upload it to the new domain (excuse being I registered it back then so it would seem a shame to waste it. And it's still not finished.

Why bother? Jenny and the troops are still doing sterling work for the felines in Fuerteventura so every bit of publicity sending people to their site is worthwhile.

8th Jan 2003 - Upload Ros' article
And some other stuff. Ros wrote an article for Cat World telling the story of our first visit to Fuerteventura in 2001 which started us off. She also lent me some paws which are now on the background. And I fixed a few amends. And added some links and a misc photos page. A website is never finished!

Up to 2nd Jan 2003 - Publishing the draft
Too many late nights editing the text, running out of time on the html editor, finding the old one I used to use, re-installing this, hitting that and ftp-ing the other. Oh - and doing an animation for just about the first time. Now to let Jenny see it - will we be in trouble?

29th and 30th Dec 2002 - Loads of writing, a little HTML and a touch of css
A mammoth writing session leaves this site nearly ready to be published. At least in first draft.

Christmas Eve 2002 - Bodging HTML
The in-tray grows ever higher despite the holiday season. So what better time to ignore the business and throw a bit more html at the site! Draft photo galleries created.

17 Dec 2002 - People and Names
A small flurry of e-mails got us more up to speed with surnames, e-mails and so on.

17 Dec 2002 - downloaded Amaya from W3C
Dave Ragget pointed me in the direction of this editor which - given its context - should do good HTML and other stuff. Can I use it? Time will tell.

16 Dec 2002 - Style Sheets and More Text
Fairly accurate. Still a little confused about how to do bullets in a css class but the manual getround works so leave it for now. A few more words and a quick check of the urls mentioned so far. Decided on a fairly brown / beige look for the site as this reminds me of the Fuerteventura landscape. A few experiments with green.

7 Dec to 14 Dec 2002 - During The Trip
Only managed to convert a bit of the old site to the new one. But did take a hundred or so pictures and make a start on some text. And looked like a pillock pounding away on a keyboard on a charter flight!

6 Dec 2002 - Start the Build.
Copied across an earlier site onto this laptop to take with us. Installed the digital camera. And a couple of days earlier, installed the html editor. Only 30 days of free use before I have to register - will the site be done in time?

Earlier - The Back Story
There is a back story to all this. Probably starting with Scabby the Bajan pussy and a tin of sardines. But will I have the drive to go that far back? Would you be terminally bored by it? Only time will tell....

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